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Indoors, outdoors, urban or country – we all can benefit with more greenery in our lives.

Sometimes good things come in small packages. Whether you have an apartment, small room or nook that…


August 23, 2017


The “C” word in property. How do you compromise on what you want?

When it comes to buying a property – particularly your first home – everyone wants it to…


August 23, 2017

A & L Ball

Your attention to detail must be applauded, I myself have managed a rental office and thought we did a thorough job. From key ID scan to an extensive photograph portfolio, PRD system is very professional. I highly recommend the Read More

K Tree

I am very pleased with the patience and service provided by Connie Suesee and the sales staff. I was kept well informed after my visit through an open home and would highly recommend PRD Ipswich.

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