The Great Houses of Ipswich

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The Great Houses of Ipswich

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The Great Houses of Ipswich.


Allows a glimpse behind the closed doors of some of Ipswich’s grand heritage homes… an opportunity usually reserved for only a few.

Ipswich is Queensland’s oldest provincial city with a rich history and abundance of historic sites and stories to tell. While you can follow one of the City’s many heritage trails all year-round, the Great Houses of Ipswich event provides that unique occasion to take a peek inside some of these gems from a bygone era.

Once again three more fabulous houses will open to the public: TorontoMona Lodge and Parkside.

30 Quarry Street, Ipswich

Toronto was built in c.1863 when Ipswich was considered a leading commercial centre, strongly contesting Brisbane as Queensland’s premier city. The size, quality and favourable location of the house overlooking the city mark is as a product of the influx of wealthy settlers at that time. Formerly called Devonshire Cottage, it is an early, intact and rare surviving example of the Carpenter Gothic style of architecture.

Toronto - One of the Great Houses of Ipswich open on Saturday 9 September 2017.

Mona Lodge
88 Nicholas Street, Ipswich

At the point where Nicholas Street rises steeply towards Denmark Hill is the beautifully restored, Mona Lodge, a structure that today would be called a duplex, constructed as an investment by Thomas Brew Lyons, an Ipswich watch and clock maker. An immigrant from the Isle of Man, Lyons purchased the land on which he constructed Mona Lodge for £75 in 1858.

Mona Lodge - One of the Great Houses of Ipswich open on Saturday 9 September 2017.

70 Thorn Street, Ipswich

Parkside is believed to have been constructed in 1884 for bridge building contractor, Thomas Green. Born in 1824 in Warwickshire, England, Thomas Green was responsible for the construction of three bridges including one at Bigge’s Camp (Grandchester). In 1881, Green purchased a 52 perch (1,434 square metre) town allotment at the corner of Thorn and Park Streets. Thomas and his wife, Sarah, gave the name Stoneleigh to this late Victorian styled home with its decorative cast iron lace verandah balustrade and semi-detached kitchen.

Parkside - One of the Great Houses of Ipswich open on Saturday 9 September 2017.
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